Monday, February 23, 2009

Rock Candy

Witch/Earthless played Montreal and Providence on Saturday and Sunday. Both good. Boston tonight. It's snowed lots .both days

Witch, Providence
Earthless, Providence
Isaah andAntoine 
J with Earhless guys

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Graveyard Train

Started a Witch tour on Thursday. That night we started driving to Totonto from Bratlleboro Vermont and got stuck at the top of a mountain for a couple of hours. It was snowing pretty hard and a truck had jack knifed. Spent the time at a gas station/trading post. Kinda fun.

Eventually we got to Toronto on Friday and headed for the venue. The show was at the Horshoe Tavern, a good club. Everything went well. Earthless is on the tour and we met up with them as well as Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene. 

Witch soundcheck

J and Kevin Drew

Trading post

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Wild, The Innocent

I filled in for a friend of mine at Kenny's Castaways last night. It was Karaoke night and I expected the worst. Wasn't too bad though. The PA is pretty good and the the room sounds decent. Even had a couple of old Bleeker Street hippie dudes get up and sing some CSNY and Hendrix. Weird, you would think they would have moved on a bit, but no. Anyway, Bruce Springsteen played his first NYC show at Kenny's which makes it historic in my book. Made miss CBGB though. If Kenny's can hang on since 1967, would have thought CB's could too, but no.