Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sunny Afternoon

Dome of St Pauls Cathedral in London. Went there today with some of the Boris guys. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for sightseeing. Walked along the Thames, went to Covent Garden.

London seems pretty globalized and gentrified. Haven't really seen a lot of out there looking kids, not at the Boris show either. They are probably around somewhere. Sort of like New York is now, not too much grit evident. Lots of Starbucks and other Coffee chains. Whatever. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Sun King Is Here

Still in London, it's a lovely town. Lots of cool old buildings and bookstores, two things I like.
Walked around today and kept getting turned around. Actually you can see interesting  stuff if you get lost every once in a while. Sun was shining all day, supposed to be the same tomorrow. A Miracle.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Rock You

Any day with Freddy is a good day.We have three days off in London before the next Boris show in Norway. Kinda wish we had another show in UK. I really like mixing Boris, lots of vocal effects and guitar parts. Lots to listen to and enjoy.

London is very expensive. We ate at an Indian restaurant today and they charged everybody at the table 50p for chutney. I didn't eat any chutney, I want my money back. I could buy half a bottle of Coke with that money.

Found a book  I've been looking for, "There's A Riot Going On" by Pete Doggert. Music and revolution in 1968, yeah! Only $50, every other book I looked at was cheaper than it would have been to buy it in the States. But, I wanted the one book seemingly not available in the USA. Oh well.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Old "Can't Make A Buck Night"

In london with Boris. This picture from a club that's closed. Not surprised looking at what they offered. Good show tonight

Can't Find My way Home

In london with Boris. This picture from a club that's closed. Not surprised looking at what they offered. Good show tonight with Boris. Bunch of new songs, good ones.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You should be dancin'

Watched Americas Ballroom Challenge. It's like Saturday Night Fever for the socialite crowd. The dancers all seemed to be Russian or East European. What's up with that? Rhumba, Samba, Jive! The MC has a great voice though. The whole thing is kinda weird.

Guess I better start looking harder for work.

Playing Asteroids to Paranoid

This is Chrome Locust, first band I toured with. They were Todd Youth (Murphys Law), Michael Wildwood (D-Generation) and Jim Heneghan (Space Juniors). They were a great band.

It was 1998 and they opened some shows for the Soul/Bad Brains. Did some club gigs as well. The first show was at Hal Daddys' in Baltimore. Still the worst PA I ever mixed on, and it was new! The FOH speakers were behind the band, the console was in the kitchen. Crazy feedback. Band liked the place, I didn't. 

Second show was at House of Blues in Myrtle Beach. Biggest room I had ever mixed in, like 6,000 capacity or something. The PA was amazing and I had no idea how to run it. I asked the house engineer for help and he was great. The show went off without a hitch. Good mix before ego, always.

Chrome Locust recorded one album before disintegrating in a storm of bad feelings. A shame, they could have been somebody. Their cd is available for something like $0.71 on Amazon. Buy it now!

No Way Out

An old D-Generation flyer. Real old as this is the original lineup of the band,I think, pre major label deal. The guy with the cosmic cloud of hair is Jesse Malin. These guys were good. They lived  as Rock Stars, 24 hours a day.  You can get their cd's on Amazon for a reasonable price. I like the first one best. For more pics and info google Vampire Nation.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blitzkrieg Bop

Found this on a dead, abandoned website, Joey Ramone and Daniel Rey at the Continental, NYC. I used to work there and was fortunate enough to get to know Joey. I mixed the last full band show he did, a Christmas show. That was an amazing experience. He was pleased,which thrilled me.

Joey was one of the coolest people I ever met. Always had a minute to talk to fans. He was a great supporter of NYC bands. He used to organize shows and put his favorites on the bill. He played as well,with an All Star band.  He's missed.

Nice, Sweet

A big shout out to my sister Christina, she has made it possible for me to live the life I have. Thanks!

This is a picture of Wata, from the Japanese band Boris, whom I also work for. She is an amazing guitar player and Boris just absolutely rocks. They will be playing Knitting Factory in New York on March 4. Try to make it, you'll be glad you did.

No Particular Place to Go

Don't even think of parking on top of my car buddy! 

The Controls

That's me at the controls, Dinosaur Jr show at Webster Hall, June 2007.

Space Truckin'

Sir Richard Branson is opening a spaceport in New Mexico. He will be offering space flight to the masses. Pretty cool. My guess, however, is that he has bigger things in mind.

I think Sir Richard believes that his space facility will actually see greater use by visiting aliens than by earthlings. Think about it, there is plenty of evidence that alien ships have cruised our planet. Only thing is they never stick around. Can you blame them? Earth doesn't have a single facility catering to interplanetary travelers. Until now!

No doubt, within a few years the dark side of the moon will be illuminated with giant 3-d neon signs proclaiming:            
                                               VIRGIN SPACEPORT
                                                   250,000 MILES
                                             GAS       FOOD     LODGING
                                                     FREE CABLE
                                              ALL CARDS ACCEPTED
                                       SPACE TRUCKERS WELCOME!
Space is the place kids

Monday, February 18, 2008

Live at Carnegie Hall

This is J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr, I work for them. J is a great guy, guitar player, song writer. I keep telling him his songs would sound good done country. I don't think he's convinced. Think I'll go to Nashville and get Garth to record one. I bet J would give me some of the song writing royalties. Then I wouldn't have to consider selling my Chicago: Live at Carnegie Hall box set to pay for my retirement.

Polk Salad Annie

Just read the latest Rolling Stone, cover story is : Britney Spears  Inside an American Tragedy.
I don't buy it. Here are some tragic figures and their tragic words.
Hamlet: To Be or Not to Be
Julius Caeser: Et Tu Brutus?
Cinderella: Midnight Already?
Wiley Coyote: Ouch, again
Britney comes up with stuff like- Bitch, leave me alone. More petulant than tragic. I feel bad for the girl, doesn't seem like she's having much fun these days.
She's Polk Salad Annie for the 21st century.

Complete Control

I've lost it already. This is almost as good as talking to my cat. Why is everything underlined?

Most exciting purchase today: Liquid Drano Gel. 

The picture is from a lot near my house and it reminds me of  what NYC used to be like. You may or may not suck, that's for you to decide, not me.

Backtracking already

Just want to say that my friend David does not complain without reason. 

Heard from Minus the Bear manager, looks like it will be more difficult to get this job than I thought. Oh well.

A Visit to the Spaceship Factory

Well we'll see how this turns out. I'm a sound engineer currently not working much. I'm bored and all my friends have  blogs so I though I would see what I could do. 

I'm tempted to complain more than my friend David who is a world class complainer. 
I can't, I have nothing to complain about. Except that David isn't complaining as much as he used to.

I'm waiting for the manager of Minus The Bear to call and offfer me a tour. Six weeks on a bus in America. Nice. Please call now
David puts lots of pictues in his blog, I can only try to compete. There's one at the top, of a woman in a beauty shop in Greenpoint Brooklyn or maybe it's a spaceship factory.