Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kid Charlemagne

Howlin' Rain tour bruises on! Show tonight in Portland, Maine. Sounded good despite a lack of gear at FOH. Opened for the Black Crowes and their crowd really seems to like the band. Tuesday night was Montreal, a cool little place and a good show. Gotta say that Howlin' Rain is one of of the best live bands I've seen. Every show is different, lots of improv and jammin'. They are very much in the tradition of '60's and '70's bands. Play a lot of shows, don't worry about the monitors too much and blow people's minds. Bands used too get big by doing it this way. The 10 year overnight success syndrome!  These guys deserve to be famous.

Load out in Portland Maine

Howlin' in Montreal

The Kid goes Bongo

Black Crowes in Portland, awesome band

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