Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Mud

Kevin Sweeney (left) and friend in Athens. Kev works for Dino sometimes

Sound booth/kitchen in Oxford

J's new rig?


Little Rock

Show last night  in Oxford, Missippi. Small club, a bit tough.  Fayetville was great. Nice venue with a great PA. Day off today in Athens, nice town. 


LARS said...


Echoes... said...

you have the bestest job!

Meathook said...

I am very excited about the show at Freebird on Friday. Dino and Watt together.

I don't know if Noel was at the controls the last time the band passed through, but the sound pretty much beat the shit out of everybody in the place.

A day doesn't pass that I don't think back to how "pick me up" tore my fucking head off.

can't wait Noel.