Monday, November 30, 2009


Wow, finished Dino tour November 21 and left for Fog/Witch UK tour about a week later. Everything was good. Fog did two really cool shows at ATP and a few other gigs, nice.. They are are a great band. Witch played at ATP and in London, awesome.

J also played with Porn which is fronted by Tim Moss, TM for the Melvins. It included Dale and Cody form the Melvins and Dave, Melvins sound man and bass player for the Unsane. It was pretty amazing stuff! Got to mix the band which was fun. I also got to mix Om for three shows. Fantastic stuff, they added a keyboard player.

Anyway, here's a few pictures

J and Fog at ATP

The real controls
Dino gear
J and Murph

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