Friday, May 14, 2010

I Wanna Be Elected

Played tonight in Newcastle, last night in Glasgow. Good shows both. Kyle is sounding great.
I particularly like the way they do No Bones and Raisins. Tomorrow, LIVE AT LEEDS!!!

It's great touring with Built To Spill. They are amazing and I suggest you check them out.

Doug and Brett from Built To Spill


Elisa said...

These pictures are awesome Noel...Thank you so much for making it possible to see what I am missing..and retain my dignity as a number one fan...My love to all of you...hope you get over to the Swiss side of the ash cloud by Thursday...

Anonymous said...

Was at the Birmingham gig on May 16th. Built to spill were great - where'd the beard go?
So glad I managed to see Dino too... D x