Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Space Truckin'

Sir Richard Branson is opening a spaceport in New Mexico. He will be offering space flight to the masses. Pretty cool. My guess, however, is that he has bigger things in mind.

I think Sir Richard believes that his space facility will actually see greater use by visiting aliens than by earthlings. Think about it, there is plenty of evidence that alien ships have cruised our planet. Only thing is they never stick around. Can you blame them? Earth doesn't have a single facility catering to interplanetary travelers. Until now!

No doubt, within a few years the dark side of the moon will be illuminated with giant 3-d neon signs proclaiming:            
                                               VIRGIN SPACEPORT
                                                   250,000 MILES
                                             GAS       FOOD     LODGING
                                                     FREE CABLE
                                              ALL CARDS ACCEPTED
                                       SPACE TRUCKERS WELCOME!
Space is the place kids

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