Monday, February 25, 2008

Rock You

Any day with Freddy is a good day.We have three days off in London before the next Boris show in Norway. Kinda wish we had another show in UK. I really like mixing Boris, lots of vocal effects and guitar parts. Lots to listen to and enjoy.

London is very expensive. We ate at an Indian restaurant today and they charged everybody at the table 50p for chutney. I didn't eat any chutney, I want my money back. I could buy half a bottle of Coke with that money.

Found a book  I've been looking for, "There's A Riot Going On" by Pete Doggert. Music and revolution in 1968, yeah! Only $50, every other book I looked at was cheaper than it would have been to buy it in the States. But, I wanted the one book seemingly not available in the USA. Oh well.

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