Monday, November 3, 2008

"And The Gods Made Love"

Mixed two Hercules and Love Affair shows this weekend. First was at Hammerstein Ballroom where they opened for the B-52's. Really fun show! I mixed two bands at Hammerstein last week, never really thought I'd get to mix anybody there. Nice.

Second show was at the 9:30 club in D.C. and it was really great. The 9:30 is one my favorite venues. The PA is awesome as is the crew. Hercules was smokin' and the crowd was dancing like crazy for their whole set. A good night. Below is a picture of Andy Butler, Hercules main man and Kimanne, one of the two fabulous singers in the band. Nomi is the other and you should go to Pitchfork for some great pictures of her and the rest of the band at Hammerstein.

Friday I worked this crazy show at Supreme Trading in Brooklyn. It was part of a 20 year anniversary celebration of the Tompkins Square Riots and that whole punky squat scene. It was a bit chaotic, one of the bands had people shooting sparks with grinding wheels, suspension and smashing of tv's and other stuff. I was around for the first wave of this stuff so I wasn't particularly impressed with all the action but the kids were  digging it. Got a Missing Foundation DVD from Peter Missing which is kinda cool.

Supreme Madness

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