Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Goin' Faster Than A Roller Coaster"

Finished the dates with NIN today, in Council Bluffs , Iowa. I'm going to miss some of the luxuries of an arena tour, like, good food, good PA, good lights, good crew. Boris sounded great in the hockey arenas and I enjoyed mixing them. We have some club shows now, heading back east. Here's some pictures

In a hotel window, near where Buddy Holly's plane crashed

NIN lights and video

Catering klitchen

Line array

Brian, NIN audio and backline, he does it all!

Jaime from Firehouse Audi0 (l) and Pete, FOH for NIN

1 comment:

Echoes... said...

where did you get that catering photo?
those are my boys-Jeremy, Richard, & Paul...
I work for that company.
Were you with NIN last year?