Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Does This Bus Go To 42nd Street?"

Just want to pay tribute to one of the most unsung heroes of rock 'n roll, the Tour Manager, in particular Eric Fischer (pictured above). Eric was TM on the first real tour I ever did, with J and the Fog back in 2001. He's is a great guy, amazing worker and a tugboat captain. He owns his own tugboat. Eric is tour managing My Bloody Valentine as we speak. Coordinating two 40 ' trailers, two busses, 20 some odd people and God only knows what else. This in addition to his steady gig with the Stooges.

 Any decent sized tour will run into a ditch without a TM. They are the guys who keep the wheels on. It's not a sexy job. Sound engineers at least get  mentioned occasionally in reviews for a particularly great mix  but when was the last time the NME or Pitchfork  proclaimed "Amazing Tour Management at Last Nights' Show !" Right answer mate.

Hats off to you Eric, you are a superstar! 

Kudos to other TM's I've known and loved ; Rob Holland, Tomas Zakopal and David Scheid.

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Phil said...

I think he is great too - his Dad.