Monday, September 15, 2008

Paint It Black You Devils

More pictures from the Fender Jazzmaster show. Check out the review in the New York Times.

Decisions, Decisions - Let's use all of them!



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Joey Zero said...

Green Day's Dookie was a seminal album indeed! After cutting their teeth in Berkeley's hardscrabble Gilman Street punk scene, the Greeners forged their way into the top of the MTV pop video ranks with their incendiary singalong anthems and rama-lama guitars, never compromising their ideals, sing-handedly making the black hooded sweatshirt de riguer in the neo-punk fashion scene! Billy-Joe, the group's liliputian vocalist and principle songsmith, along with his contemporaries Mike Dirnt and the cleverly monikered Tres Cool continue to craft provacative Protest Songs and struggle against Social Injustice on their latest album, but don't forget to take some time for hi-jinks, such as watching their Video Director spin donuts in his Ferrari and wearing make-up!!