Sunday, September 14, 2008

"Ziggy Played Guitar*

Last Friday I ran sound for the Fender Jazzmaster 50th Anniversary show at the Knitting Factory in New York.  Thanks to Fender for having me and Brian Schwartz for arranging it. The show was great, punk and post punk heros abounded. J played with the Fog. I had never seen this lineup, Dave Smalls on bass and Kyle Spence on drums. it was great to hear Fog classics such as Amma Ring and Set Me Free again. It is different from Dino but equally as good. The Knitting Factory sounded great and house sound guy Jason was immensely helpful. Alex, Justin and Paul of Fender did a stellar job of keeping things organized and hassle free. Here are some picture of the evening.

Fog rehearsing at S.I.R., note the Orange head!

The Fog, hard to fit all J's amps on stage!

Tom Verlaine and Jimmy Rip- Amazing

Lee Ranaldo and Thurston Moore - Uniquely incredible 

Nils Cline on guitar and Norton Wisdom on paint - truly a special performance

Lastly, on Sunday I mixed Black 47 at an Irish Festival in  New Jersey.  Great Band. Really Fun!!


Anonymous said...

J's purple Jazzmaster looks amazing in that second picture!

Anonymous said...

Great work, was at the jazzmaster show and it sounded great. J was so loud! Black 47 are great guys as well, nice work.