Friday, May 9, 2008

Hall of Mirrors

I arrived in Dublin today, Dinosaur Jr tour starts Sunday. I lived in Dublin in the '7o's and haven't been back since. It was a lovely time of my life and I've been greatly anticipating a return. It looks pretty much the same at a glance but upon closer inspection, it's a different place. Lots more stores now, luckily there are a ton of record shops here. The usual results of globalization are evident, people wear the same clothes as New York, London and every other place I've been in the last year. Lot's of lattes available. I truly miss the individuality one used to see in Europe.

The picture is Trinity College Dublin, the hall where concerts used to be held. I helped out with the shows and I guess that was my first rock gig. I mostly remember  smoking hash with the bands, different days.

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