Tuesday, May 6, 2008

War Across the USA

I just got back from a premiere showing of Sex: The Revolution. It's a 4 part series that will air in May on VH1 and Sundance Channel. It's good, you should watch it, especially if you weren't around for it. I was, sorta. Sex, Free Love and all that. My family moved to Ireland in 1970. This was a country with more government control over sex than even the USA. Still, you could have sex in Ireland. It was easiest if you could meet a European or American tourist as they likely were on the pill. All contraceptives were illegal in Ireland then. I returned to  the US in 1974 and  hippie free love had spread into the general population. To my eye, it wasn't such a pretty sight. Lots of "Looking For Love in all the Wrong Places" and "Looking For Mr. Goodbar. A bit tawdry really.

If you are interested in any of this read Legs McNeils book "The Other Hollywood". It's an excellent oral history of the porn business from the late '60's on. Legs is also in Sex: The Revolution and was a panelist at the screening. He's still a punk.

I  met the Hart Perry, producer/director or Sex, who also  filmed Hendrix at Woodstock. He did the nude and mud scenes as well. The best parts of the movie really.

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