Sunday, May 25, 2008

Your Pale Blue Eyes

Dino in  Prague, a great show. Their first time in the Czech Republic. Gargoyle was awesome. The encores were amazing, feedback freakout.  Adam, one of the promoters took us to a beautiful hilltop church and park, thanks Adam, a nice treat. All together, a great day.

Here's J in Lindz, Austria. A good show but hard to top Prague. Cool venue, kind of  a self contained compound a la Black Oak Arkansas ! Stay high brothers and sisters.


Anonymous said...


noel said...

I'll try to find it and put it up.

Anonymous said...

linz (no D) setlist:
forget the swan
been there all the time
lightning bulb
the wagon
pick me up
out there
feel the pain
no bones
freak scene
just like heaven
back to your heart

Pinto said...

Being part of Prague crew I asked Rob for one but all gone to fans allready... Kept just the day schedule at least;)