Monday, May 26, 2008

Taking Tiger Mountain

Played Vienna tonight, great show. The venue was  Arena, a pretty cool place. They have a couple of indoor stages and an outdoor stage which is pretty awesome. The place has a punk vibe and I saw stickers from several NYC bands that I know.

Dino played Almost Ready,which they haven't done in a while. Gargoyle as usual was amazing, my favorite song. Used an Allen and Heath digital console for the first time, sounded good.

Geneva is next, a 14 hour drive. I've never been there. Hope I get to see the lake.


Bernhard said...

Vienna was really a wonderful show! Thanks to J, Lou & Murph for playing "Out There"!!!
Hope to see you back in town very soon!

PS: Greetings to "Awesome Colour" - nice guys, great band!

Anonymous said...

and a thousand thanks for "budge" !!! my ears are still ringing...

enjoy the next shows & convince the guys that they HAVE to record a new album.

take care & best wishes,


ms trigonometry ross said...

thank you + my favourite boyband for the great sound + show! i've been to the dino arena-gig 2 years ago which almost gave me tinnitus ;-) yesterday was much better.
have a good time in europe!
(who's hoping to see you again next year)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!
awsome show, I'm glad that I saw you. Everybody was jumping and freaking out, especially the "older" guys in the crowd. Thats great!
cu soon