Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Ace

The one and only Fast Eddie from Motorhead and Fastway. This was taken last summer at a concert in Hyde Park. Eddie had gotten Fastway back together for a few shows. He was the only original member but hey that's all you need. They sounded great.

After the Fastway set J Mascis and I were walking around and ended up by Eddie's dressing room. J is a big fan. We asked his manager if he would mind talking to us. Eddie came out, seemed a bit oblivious and asked if we were there to see Aerosmith, also on the bill that day. I blurted out "No Fast Eddie we're here to see you"(we were there, I guess, because we got in free, didn't know Fastway was playing). Well, sometimes flattery will get you somewhere. Eddie brightened up and we had a great chat. He and J talked about guitars and pedals and amps. I gossiped with him about Dave, the original Fastway singer who I know from his current band Flogging Molly. It was a nice moment. Fast Eddie rules!

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