Thursday, March 6, 2008


Something I meant to mention. After the Knitting Factory show we left our gear in the club overnight. Went to get it the next afternoon and as we are loading the trailer this kid comes up and asks us what band we are with. We tell him. He's excited and says he's listening to the new album, Smile, at that very moment. We look at him and say dude, it's is not out yet. He gives us a sort of uh oh look. We assure him it's ok and we're glad he likes the album. Kinda weird. The band wasn't mad but I could tell that they were a little disheartened. They had just spent a week giving interviews and playing showcase gigs to generate interest in the release. They were spending their own money to do this and hoped that they would break even on this promo tour. Their label, Southern Lord, is not some huge conglomerate. They are a great independent label that does well by working with  cool edgy bands who have a good following and they need to sell cd's to stay in business. The owners are musicians themselves. 
So, to the kid who we talked to, go out and buy Smile. It's not gonna be that expensive, $12 maybe. Buy the cd or vinyl, it's gonna sound a lot better than that crappy mp3 you are listening to now. And it will help out the band.

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