Thursday, March 6, 2008

Burning Rubber

Just finished the New York leg of the Boris tour. Show was Tuesday night at Knitting Factory. Tomas, the tour manager and I spent many hours assembling the gear from various places in New York. Most of it is kept in a loft in Sunset Park Brooklyn. We have to bring it from the elevator through the tire shop pictured above. The guys who run the shop are very cool, they helped us load in and out.

The show at the knit went well, way sold out. I've never really liked mixing at Knitting Factory, never  satisfied in the past. This gig was good though, easy to mix. The house engineer, Jason, is always very helpful and he knows that room like nobody else. 

Next round is Dinosaur Jr in Japan. I'm looking forward to that!  Boris is trying to get on the shows as opening band. I hope they do, that would be a great bill. I wish Larry Palm, Gods guitar tech , was coming with us.

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ds said...

what about me?

shit. you love rob.