Sunday, March 2, 2008

Land of the Ice and Snow

 Just got back to New York. Spent Friday and Saturday in Bergen, Norway. That's Atsuo Boris drummer rocking out.

Boris did a gig at an arts festival there, which was good. It was in a dance theatre (other pic) They brought in a nice PA and a good crew. The FOH position was about 6 feet in front of the band, first row (it was a seated show),  at the insistance of the opening band engineer. The band was set up on the stage floor. Not really the optimum spot to mix but I gotta say it was interesting. I don't think I have ever been that close to a band I was mixing. I could really follow what the band was doing. I could see  where on the guitars their hands were. Boris were playing a bunch of new songs and I was really able to get a good feeling for them, just by being able to see everything they did up close. Kind of hard on the ears though.

We used a backline provided by Nomads of Prague. Boris' tour manager also works for them. 
The gear was top notch. Tomas is one of the best tour managers I've worked with. A very cool guy and very good at what he does.

Norway seems a very melancholy place, rainy and grey but very pretty, I think. Must appeal to the Irishman in me.

Boris is playing Knitting Factory here in New York on Tuesday. Can't wait, they are a blast to mix.

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