Monday, June 16, 2008

Dear Mr. Fantasy

Back home today, I miss touring with Dino already. They are great guys to be with. I gotta say that I feel very lucky to work with them. In the last year I've gotten to mix them in stadiums, huge festivals and small punk rock clubs. Not many bands can offer that kind of variety to a sound man. It keeps me on my toes and things never get boring. 

I'm starting a tour with Japanese psch, heavy rock band Boris on Saturday. They are awesome and I hope you all come to see them when they hit your town. The Dino guys like them, you will too.  There is a link to their web site on the right of this page. I'll be posting stuff from that tour and hope you guys will keep reading and commenting. I will be mixing both bands at the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago on July 20. That will be a fun day. Thanks to all.

And as usual, pics!

Mattias an me in Nice,taken by Mattias

The Murph 

Dino at Malmo skate park

Here's a  video I like: Brian rediscovers his roots in Jerusalem

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