Saturday, June 21, 2008

Last Exit

Arrived in San Francisco at 10 this morning to start the Boris tour. Met the band at the airport and we all went to our hotel in Berkley. Our first show is tomorrow at Amoeba Records. Seems a pretty big deal. Show is after they close and you have to have a wristband to get in, which you get by buying a record or something like that.

 Whatever, I walked around Berkeley, it's nice , I guess. Northern Californian cities have a sleaze factor I find annoying. It's that heroin/meth Summer of Love trip or something. The freaks are just weird, no style, like in NYC. I prefer southern California . Lots of good record stores in Berkeley though, unlike New York. 

I must say I think I'd rather be in Europe right now than the US. Seems more relaxed. I'll be glad when Bush and his bunch are gone. They really have done this country a disservice all the way around. Made America and Americans look like a bunch of dirt bags who torture people and like to go to war. That's not true. I hope Obama gets elected. Can't be any worse than it is now. 

A couple of pics:

Takeshi of Boris in Berkeley

Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley

Somebody left a comment asking how the Dinosaur Jr show in Copenhagen went. It was good but frustrating for me because of db level restrictions. Didn't take any pictures because I couldn't see the band from where I was. 

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