Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Linger On

Second show in Israel went well. Great crowds here. Went to Jerusalem, quite impressive.
Would be nice to come back.
More pics:

In Tel Aviv club

Murph at rest

In the Van

Our Israeli guides


guy ha said...

it was a great show! at least, what i could hear through my ear-plugs... a bit too loud for the Zappa Club but it rocked my world anyway!

noel said...

It's supposed to be loud, good you wear ear plugs, the band wears them while playing.

Roman said...

Can you tell why the band stopped Freak Scene in the middle in the first gig?

noel said...

I really don't know. First time it's happened.

yoav said...

awesome gig :D
send my regards to the band

i said...

i am big fan of dinosaur jt. even baught vintage jazzmaster because of the band. i was disspointed from thw show- i waited all my life for it, and non of the big songs were played and the show was extramly short....
i went out with bad feeling.