Monday, June 9, 2008

Ease My Worried Mind

First Tel Aviv show done, it was cool. Nice club and the crew and staff were terrific. Israel is lovely and not  what I expected. Doesn't really feel unsafe at all.Haven't seen soldiers everywhere. Granted, we're staying at a posh hotel on the beach but people here seem to just live their life pretty much like other cities. I hope that's the case. Going to Jersualem in the morning, looking forfward to that. Here's some more pics:

A hungry mob is an angry mob

Long Day

Longer Day

View from our Posh Hotel


Stefka said...

Noel, I really appreciate the photos and blogs. Thanks for taking the time.

On a side note I clicked the link to your myspace sight and was a bit shocked by the last two blog entries. Noting that you were a capricorn, I would think that those type of flagrant indiscretions would not be your style. I'm sure you didn't write them! Although I could be wrong. Peace

noel said...

Thanks for pointing out the myspace thing. I didn't know those were there. I removed them.