Monday, June 23, 2008

Without Getting Killed or Caught

Three days into the Boris tour and so far it's been a bit frustrating really. Lots of hassles getting our gear together. Long drives that feel like we're just wandering around California. Oh well, it will improve.

Played an in store at Amoeba Berkley that was cool despite a tiny stage and small PA. The people at Amoeba are great!  Every show I've done there has been a pleasure. Praise to Greg from Southern Lord Records for getting the show together. Greg and Steve of SUNN O)))) have been a huge help here in California. Would not have gotten this far without them. Many thanks.

Show at the Casbah in San Diego tomorrow. A cool venue, looking forward to it.

Boris at Amoeba Berkley

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Anonymous said...

I'm so bummed I missed this and I am even more bummed that I'm going to be out of town when they play San Francisco. Anyways... thank you so much for keeping us all updated and what not. You have made this Dinosaur/Boris fan quite happy.