Thursday, June 12, 2008

Isn't It Good

A stunning portrait of me, by Brian Schwartz

Played Norwegian Wood Festival in Oslo today. Good show but Lou's Marshall rig just didn't sound the way I like it to. That's one of the hazards of using rented backline. Oh well, Turn up the guitar!!! 

 Opened for the Foo Fighters who were great. Dave Grohl puts out so much  energy on stage you can't help but get into it. Their crew were awesome guys.

Off to Finland tomorrow. Long day getting there, 5am lobby call. Here's some more pics

Love and Haight in Oslo

Foo Fighter backline.....


Dinosaur Jr backline


Dave Grohl does it Right On Time!


Anonymous said...

DINOSAUR backline ! It's the real-deal ! Thanks for posting such an amazing insight into the life of such an amazing band ! Rock on !best, Sten (who has seen the band over 15 times since the reunion... more to come !)

Anonymous said...

Dinosaur's backline for sure! Is that a Mesa amp I see!?! EWWWW. I'm sure J would never be caught dead using one of those.

noel said...

No Mesa for J but Dave Grohl uses one. Doesn't sound bad for him but I'm not crazy about them either.