Friday, August 8, 2008

For What It's Worth

LA , I Like It!

Someone left a comment on a previous post in which I said that I love LA. They said "I love LA? I guess someone has to !" Well, not so long ago I would have said the same thing, mainly because every time I went there I got some kind of bronchial infection. Seriously,  I've been there maybe six times in the last year and it feels like New York used to, full of weirdness and possibilities. It's a cool looking place, lots of art deco and crazy americana. There seems to a good music scene and people just generally appear to be enjoying life. What I really want to do is move to Santa Monica and hang out at the beach with Lemmy and all the other old British rockers who live there. And, there is an Amoeba records in LA. , I like it!

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