Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Inside Looking Out

I Love LA !

Now that I'm home I'm realizing just how much we seem to be hurtling back into the "70's. Stagflation, recession, high gas prices, wars we can't win, been there man. If you want to connect with that bummer '70's vibe, take some Quaaludes and check out the following.

 Looking For Mr. Goodbar
 Two Lane Blacktop
 Taxi Driver
 Cisco Pike

 Rock and Roll Animal: Lou Reed
 Darkness on the Edge of Town: Springsteen
 Tonight's The Night: Neil Young

 Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail: Hunter Thompson
 All The Presidents Men: Woodward and Bernstein
 Love Story: Eric Seigal

You can probably buy all this stuff on Amazon for less than it will cost to fill up your car.

Have A Nice Day !

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Anonymous said...

I Love LA? I guess someone has to!