Thursday, August 7, 2008

Let There Be Rock!

Met some good people on the Boris tour, like Curt, pictured below. He's one of the house guys at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Working with him was Phil on monitors. They were both terrific. Curt tours with the Melvins and I had met him before in New York. It makes such a big difference having good house sound engineers. The patch gets done right, the opening bands sound good, monitors cease to be an ordeal and the show just goes smoothly. It's a bit of a thankless job and not as glamourous (?) as touring but these guys can make or break a gig. Hats off to the good ones cause there are some real bad ones out there (eg.I found myself teaching the house guy, at what was a perfectly good midwestern venue, how to run his monitor board. I said fuck this and did it from front of house. Sad). 

Need a sound guy? I'm available!

Hi Curt, thanks dude!

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