Saturday, August 23, 2008

Up Against the Wall

Free concert in Tompkins Square Park today. I saw some bands and friends I hadn't seen in a while. Also saw a fight, a bunch of bums, a guy named Jism too drunk too stand up and a lots of police. Like the old days, not really. I don't know, New York just doesn't get me all that excited anymore. It's me I'm sure, been here too long. Oh well, once gas hits $15 per gallon I'll be glad I don't need a car.

Danny Sage (ex D-Generation) Shy Guy!

Keiko, Bingo and Walt- Continental crew

EZ ( right, of the fab Waldos) and band mate

Abandoned Deli, Avenue B, future Starbucks probably

Fake '60's, from a recent TV shoot on 4th Street (good bill though)

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