Thursday, August 14, 2008

What We Do Is Secret?

Urban Outfitters, Philadelphia

Went to Philadelphia on Tuesday with Secret Machines. They did a show at an Urban Outfitters there. It turned out to be a good gig, which I wasn't really expecting as the PA's for these things usually suck. This time it didn't. The band sounded amazing. They just finished a tour and man they are tight. I really liked mixing them and listening to them.


Anders said...

These guys are great...
Anywho, I saw you on the show with dinosaur jr on vega in copenhagen earlier this year, where you the sounddude on their show at vega last year too? Greetings from Sweden!

noel said...

Hi Anders, I did sound for both shows. The Vega is a tough room to mix them in, I hope you enjoyed the shows and thanks for supporting the band.