Sunday, August 10, 2008

"He Came Dancing Across the Water"

Lets Go To China Guys!

I recently contacted a chinese manufacturer of microphones (Alctron Audio) hoping to buy a few and save some bucks. It didn't work out, when you add freight and various fees it's not much cheaper than buying them here. I was impressed by how helpful they were. I received answers to my questions within hours.  Keep in mind that this was from a company that really prefers to sell their products in lots of 50 or more. I was tempted to buy stuff from them just because it was such a pleasant experience. Compare that to Cascade microphones here in the states. I've sent them several e-mails trying to buy a clip for a mic I bought from them. Haven't heard a peep. The item is shown on their website but there is no way to order it. Start learning Mandarin kids, you're gonna need it.

Our rush back to the '70's continues as Russia invades a neighboring country and oil politics rules. I need a pet rock to get through all of this.

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